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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Flooded Church in Orem

A member of the congregation went to their local meeting only to find an inch of water in the hallway and adjacent classrooms. SERVPRO of Provo / N. Utah County... READ MORE

Vandalism Cleanup, Orem

Not everybody appreciates urban street art. Luckily SERVPRO is here for when you prefer the blank canvas look. Vandalism in the form of "tagging" is an unfortun... READ MORE

Air-duct Cleaning

Definitely not the worst we've seen, but still makes a HUGE difference in air quality. HVAC air-ducts are an important component to maintaining a healthy indoor... READ MORE

Restaurant Machinery, Pleasant Grove

Would you believe that these pictures are of the same machine? It looks like someone ordered a brand new deep fryer, but there's no need for that when SERVPRO i... READ MORE

Fireplace Cleanup in Orem, UT

Cleaning years of smoke damage out of rock is no easy feat, but the restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Provo and SERVPRO of North Utah County make it happe... READ MORE

Just Venting

These had grease older than John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. We know that restaurants see a lot of heavy use, you may not have such a need but if we can do... READ MORE

Restoring Family Keepsakes, Orem

Fire, smoke, and soot damage... no problem for our restoration experts. When a fire breaks out in your home the more extensive damage occurs from smoke damage. ... READ MORE

Restaurant Kitchen Floor, Pleasant Grove

This oil caked floor was the result of a decade of mop neglect. It took time and a lot of elbow grease, but we got that floor so clean you could eat off of it. ... READ MORE

House Fire, Lehi

Following a tragic fire, this house needed to be completely gutted and rebuilt from the frame up. This is was a large loss, but SERVPRO also performs restoratio... READ MORE

House Fire, Utah

This house fire started in the laundry room, due to a dirty lint filled vent. (This is ladies and gentleman is why you should clean out your vent after each use... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Lehi, UT

The owners of the home in Lehi returned home after a 10 day vacation to 8 inches of standing water that affected all the rooms in the basement. The flooded base... READ MORE

Mid Town HOA Flood, Pleasant Grove, Utah

At a home in Pleasant Grove, a broken sprinkler pipe buried deep in the ground caused major damage and flooding to the basement. The water from the broken pipe... READ MORE

Leaky Roof ruins Ceiling in Church, Provo UT

The ruined ceiling in a Provo, UT church was the result of a leak in the roof. The roof was repaired but not before the damage had made it's way to the ceiling... READ MORE

Leak in the wall causes mold in Provo Church.

The mold on the wall was caused from a leaking pipe in the wall. No one was aware there was a leaky pipe until someone noticed the paint on the wall starting t... READ MORE

Hurricane Flooded House in Logan Township, NJ

When Hurricane Sandy hit she hit hard and fast. She made her way to the coast first and then kept on going inland. This home was flooded with water and mud fr... READ MORE

Broken Hot Water Line Bursts in Orem, Utah

Unbeknownst to the resident a hot water line had burst and was causing some pretty major damage inside the walls. SERVPRO wasn't called in until two weeks afte... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bluffdale, UT

The flooding and water damage in the gym at Summitt Academy in Bluffdale was the result of the water supply line to the fire suppression system freezing. When ... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom, New Jersey

When Hurricane Sandy hit land in 2012 she brought a lot of destruction to a lot of homes. In this particular home the bathroom was already in need of renovatio... READ MORE

Moldy Basement in Heber, UT

The moldy walls and floors in this basement in Heber, Utah are the cause of a leak in the hose faucet located on the back of the house. The main outside water ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Highland, UT

This flooded basement in Highland, UT is due to a broken sprinkler head located right up next to the house. Unbeknownst to the home owner the sprinkler head ha... READ MORE

Basement is Damages by Hurricane

Basement is Damaged by Hurricane Hurricane Sandy came in hard and did a lot of damage to so many homes. The home in the picture had a lot of water damage. Not... READ MORE

Washing Machine Causes Mold

Leaky Washing Machine Causes Mold A small leak that stemmed from a washing machine caused some major mold on the walls of the laundry room. The homeowners were... READ MORE

Storm Water Flood Storage Room

Storm Water Floods Storage Room & Ruins Belongings SERVPRO was called in to a home that had some major damage due to a severe storm. The family was out of ... READ MORE

Basement Floods Through Window Well

WINDOW WELL FILLS WITH WATER AND FLOODS BEDROOM IN BASEMENTA basement bedroom in a home in Provo, UT was flooded due so a hose being left on outside in the yard... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage

Frozen Pipes and Flooding The sub freezing temperatures caused frozen pipes in a church in Orem, UT to burst and cause some flooding. The pipes that froze were... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Orem, UT

Garage Fire A garage in an Orem, UT home started on fire causing major smoke and soot damage to the entire house and all of its contents. Most of the items in t... READ MORE

Small Water Leak = Big Problem, Provo UT

Water Leak in a wall ruins wall and flooring. A water leak in the wall of a Provo, UT home lead to a whole lot of damage to more than just the all with the leak... READ MORE