Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Broken Sprinkler Causes Water Damage inside Church, Orem UT

Sprinkler Causes Water Loss inside Church A broken sprinkler head outside of an Orem, UT church cause a come water damage inside a classroom in the church. Bec... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage

Frozen Pipes and Flooding The sub freezing temperatures caused frozen pipes in a church in Orem, UT to burst and cause some flooding. The pipes that froze were... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bluffdale, UT

The flooding and water damage in the gym at Summitt Academy in Bluffdale was the result of the water supply line to the fire suppression system freezing. When ... READ MORE

Leaky Roof ruins Ceiling in Church, Provo UT

The ruined ceiling in a Provo, UT church was the result of a leak in the roof. The roof was repaired but not before the damage had made it's way to the ceiling... READ MORE

Mid Town HOA Flood, Pleasant Grove, Utah

At a home in Pleasant Grove, a broken sprinkler pipe buried deep in the ground caused major damage and flooding to the basement. The water from the broken pipe... READ MORE

Restaurant Kitchen Floor, Pleasant Grove

This oil caked floor was the result of a decade of mop neglect. It took time and a lot of elbow grease, but we got that floor so clean you could eat off of it. ... READ MORE