Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Mobile Home Suffers Damage from Rain Storm

A mobile home in Pleasant Grove, UT suffered dirty water damage caused by a rainstorm. The home was not sealed off from outdoors very well and when a severe ra... READ MORE

Downstairs Business Sustains Water Loss

An Orem, UT business owner arrived to an unpleasant surprise the morning after a severe rain storm. The business office was located in the basement of a busine... READ MORE

Storm Water Flood Storage Room

Storm Water Floods Storage Room & Ruins Belongings SERVPRO was called in to a home that had some major damage due to a severe storm. The family was out of ... READ MORE

Basement is Damages by Hurricane

Basement is Damaged by Hurricane Hurricane Sandy came in hard and did a lot of damage to so many homes. The home in the picture had a lot of water damage. Not... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom, New Jersey

When Hurricane Sandy hit land in 2012 she brought a lot of destruction to a lot of homes. In this particular home the bathroom was already in need of renovatio... READ MORE

Hurricane Flooded House in Logan Township, NJ

When Hurricane Sandy hit she hit hard and fast. She made her way to the coast first and then kept on going inland. This home was flooded with water and mud fr... READ MORE