Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Wet Floors Cause Mold Behind Untreated Baseboards

Mold Growing Behind Molding SERVPRO was contacted by some homeowners who had suffered a previous water loss that had not been treated correctly and the molding ... READ MORE

Untreated Water Loss Causes Elevated Amounts of Mold

Past water loss causes elevated mold. A past water loss at a Mission home in Elberta, UT that was not cleaned up and treated correctly causes extremely elevated... READ MORE

Washing Machine Causes Mold

Leaky Washing Machine Causes Mold A small leak that stemmed from a washing machine caused some major mold on the walls of the laundry room. The homeowners were... READ MORE

Moldy Basement in Heber, UT

The moldy walls and floors in this basement in Heber, Utah are the cause of a leak in the hose faucet located on the back of the house. The main outside water ... READ MORE

Broken Hot Water Line Bursts in Orem, Utah

Unbeknownst to the resident a hot water line had burst and was causing some pretty major damage inside the walls. SERVPRO wasn't called in until two weeks afte... READ MORE

Leak in the wall causes mold in Provo Church.

The mold on the wall was caused from a leaking pipe in the wall. No one was aware there was a leaky pipe until someone noticed the paint on the wall starting t... READ MORE